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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Students Required to Receive Meningitis Vaccine

Tennessee was one of the hardest hit states by the fungal meningitis outbreak, leading to the passing of the Jacob Nunley Act requiring students a public colleges to be vaccinated for meningitis. 

During the meningitis outbreak Tennessee was one of the states hardest hit; [1] of the 730 cases of meningitis across the United States, Tennessee reported 150 cases of meningitis with only Michigan having more cases at 259. As a result of the number of cases that were experienced in Tennessee the "Jacob Nunley Act" was brought before the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The "Jacob Nunley Act," named after Jacob Nunley, a student at Middle Tennessee State University who lost his life as a result of the meningitis outbreak, will require that studetns at public universities and colleges will be required to receive a vaccination for meningococcal disease. This measure will not extend to any private universities, however. [2]

After being approved by the state Senate, the state House of Representatives approved the measure with only one dissenting vote. In states that were equally hard hit such as Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, and New Jersey a similar law may be proposed in order to protect students.

Bacterial meningitis can be spread through respiratory droplets because bacteria that cause meningitis often colonize in the throat and nose. Viral meningitis can be spread in the same manner as well as through fecal-oral routes. As a result of many college students living in close proximity to one another in on-campus dorm rooms or off-campus apartment complexes, the spread of meningitis can be more virulent, even though those that are at potential danger for spreading of the disease are those that live or work within roughly three feet.

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